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Powered by Plants Consulting is a comprehensive consulting business committed to providing individuals and organizations the support necessary to transition to plant-based food and practices through the development of a "soup to nuts" plan designed to streamline personal and business objectives.

A plant-based diet is based on foods derived from plants,

including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits.   


Beginning a plant-based lifestyle can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Learning how to plan and cook meals, make the right choices when grocery shopping, and being able to still go out to all your favorite eateries is what most people struggle with when choosing a plant-based lifestyle.  Some people give up, not because they don't want to continue, but because they didn't have the right tools to make them successful.  


My consulting services will ensure your success

and empower you to thrive in your new lifestyle.


If you're wondering...

Can plant-based food be delicious, satisfying, and hearty?


Can it give you more energy, help you maintain a healthy weight, lower your risks of cancer/diabetes/heart disease, lower your cholesterol, and improve your gut health?


Can it save animals from unimaginable cruelty?


Can it reduce your carbon footprint and help our Earth?


The answer is YES!


Do it for yourself.

Do it for the factory farmed animals.

Do it for the environment.

Just do it!



Rebecca Carucci

Plant-Based Consultant

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

My Background


My family discussed becoming plant-based many times before we actually did it.  Although we had already cut a majority of meat and dairy out of our diet, we thought like many others that we could never do it long term.  We were already aware that a plant-based diet was healthier and better for the environment, but it took a trip to a local animal sanctuary to make the leap to veganism. Once we decided to commit, we began many conversations to figure out the logistics of being a vegan family.  

​I would love to say it was an easy transition for us, but becoming vegan definitely takes planning and thought.  I had to learn how to navigate and research living a plant-based life, while experimenting with new ingredients.  Throughout this process, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I have grown to crave foods like quinoa, Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes and have lost the taste for the processed foods I once enjoyed.  I have never been healthier.  My husband, who had been on cholesterol medication for 15 years, is no longer on those medications because of our plant-based lifestyle.  He had been told that because of his genes, he would be on medication for the rest of his life.  This simply isn’t true and the power of a whole food, plant-based diet is essential for reducing the risks of chronic illness and improving overall health.

​This is a diet, “as in the kinds of food a person eats” and should not be mistaken for going on a diet, “as in those things most people fail”.  The good news is that you will inevitably lose weight with a whole food diet because the food is naturally low in calories and fat but high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. This is a new way of life that will make you feel good, give you more energy, and help keep you free of chronic illnesses that make up the majority of deaths in America.

​I have fully immersed myself into the plant-based world by cooking, reading, taking classes, attending plant based events and expos, and achieving a Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell.  I am committed to making the people around me healthier and happier.  My background includes making plant-based take-out dinners for the families in my community so that they can sample plant-based food and have a healthy alternative to other take-out currently offered, catering events, giving presentations that highlight the benefits of plant-based diets for both personal health and the environment, and collaborating with businesses in my area with the goal of educating our communtity on plant-based practices.  I am also the food consultant for Vegan Wines and create recipes to pair with their wine club shipment selections.  One of my goals is to show how you gain a world of new foodie experiences, when you choose a plant-based lifestyle... and I can prove it!


                                                                 What I can do for you


Whether you are choosing a plant-based diet for the health benefits, your love of animals, the environment, or for a combination of these reasons, I can make the transition a smooth and enjoyable one by providing personalized guidance and evidence-based support.  As a client, you will receive a customized plan to help you reach your goals.  People become plant-based for a variety of reasons.  My role is to cater to your needs without judgement. The level of commitment to a plant-based diet is up to you.  Whether your dietary needs require you to be on a strict whole-food, plant-based diet or you are just looking to ease into veganism, I have a plan that will make you successful.  Unfortunately, some plant-based diets fail for reasons such as not knowing what kind of food to buy or how to cook it.  With proper food knowledge and the skills given to be successful, you can thrive in this lifestyle.  I offer packages to get you started, a la carte services so you can pick and choose based on your needs, and a subscription plan to keep you on track.  I am a firm believer that a plant-based lifestyle is the most optimal.  Research has proven that a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet is beneficial for long term health and nutrition goals.  This will be a life changing plan that will improve the quality of your life for years to come.

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Home: Personal Services

Personal Services Provided

(Virtual or In-person)​

  • Initial 15 minute complimentary consultation (in person or by video conference)

  • Development of Plan consultation

  • Menu planning (recipes designed around your needs and preferences) *Gluten Free and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated

  • Help with stocking your pantry by providing a list, of plant-based essentials, that is personalized to your needs (personal shopping and assistance for gathering ingredients can be provided)

  • Prepping and/or cooking meals (preparing ready-to-go meals for the week is an option)

  • Cooking lessons

  • Health coaching (choosing foods from a whole-food, plant-based diet that help manage and even reverse chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, autoimmune diseases)

  • Personalized guidance via text or email support

  • Weight management assistance

  • Long term consulting and coaching (subscription available)

  • Group instruction is available if you are interested in hosting a plant-based event (includes cooking lesson and tasting) 


Wooden Dinning Table

Services Provided for Businesses

What every food business needs to know

Research shows that restaurants are missing out on sales if they aren’t offering creative plant-based food choices. The vegan in the group generally chooses where to eat, even if everyone else are meat eaters.  Unfortunately, many restaurants throw a vegan option on the menu as an afterthought, and it shows.  Vegans are known for their extensive research for finding restaurants that are not only vegan friendly,

but will offer them a well-planned, tasty, plant-based menu option.  

If you aren’t doing this and have invested zero time into a couple plant-based options,

you are doing your business a disservice.  

Vegans are one of many groups of people that you would benefit from by offering more. These days, having some plant-based options brings in people searching for the new and exciting, and doesn’t just attract vegans.  My free initial consultation will include a discussion on the additional types of clientele you will attract

based on your new menu items.

Modern consumers operate differently than any other generation. 

They buy things that align with their values and often post it on social media for all to see.  

       Whatever your situation-

  • New business 

  • Need to boost sales 

  • Been wanting to add plant-based items to your menu and need assistance

  • Have added vegan options that didn’t boost sales

  • Or just never thought of adding choices until now 

   I have a plan for you that will increase your sales by offering exciting plant-based menu options.

Business Services Provided

  • Initial consultation and planning

  • Menu Consulting

  • Organizing a pop-up event

  • Recipe development, including assisting with order lists, prepping and plating recipes

  • Will utilize ingredients you already source to develop new menu items

  • Cross contamination education and assistance

  • Menu Descriptions

          Who can benefit from my services?

  • Full service restaurants

  • Cafes

  • Teahouses and coffee shops

  • Juice and Smoothie bars with take away food

  • Natural food stores

  • Retreats, wellness centers, hospitals and nursing homes

  • Schools and educational facilities

  • Festival vending

        What makes me right for the job?

  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

  • Research and follow Plant-Based trends closely

  • Attend Vegan expos and events regularly to research most current trends and market needs

  • Provide families in my community (most that are not vegan) with tasty, nutritious plant-based takeout that is adult and kid approved

  • Food consultant for and create the recipes to pair with the selections for their wine club shipments

  • Dine regularly at both vegan and non-vegan restaurants and know what meals and ingredients are favored  

  • Experience working front and back of house in fine and casual dining 

  • Able to clearly see what works from both a consumer as well as a chef’s perspective

  • Have a plan for you that will include marketing menu choices based on the food and how they taste,        rather than the fact that they are vegan

  • My number one priority is boosting your sales while providing your customers with high-quality meal options

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Get in Touch

Rebecca Carucci
Plant-Based Consultant

New Paltz, NY



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Plant-Based News and Trends

An Oxford Univerisity study revealed that a sustainable
plant-based diet is
cheaper and healthier!

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Forbes and The Economist declared 2019 as the year of the vegan. Now, in 2024, plant-based products are continuing to grow at unprecedented rates.   Join the "Plant-Based Revolution"!

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plant-based needs…

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